Five Songs, 9/24/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/24/2020

Pinkwash, "Gumdrop"

Legitimately don't remember picking this up. Apparently this is a band out of Philly, and this is their only record.


Not bad! I can see why I picked this up! It's shame I'm getting dumber and more forgetful.

Farside, "I Hope You're Unhappy"

This is probably the most likely Farside song to get big, a straightforward power-pop song about longing, one almost designed to get MTV play. I have no idea if it did so, because even by 1999 I was thoroughly unplugged from the zeitgiest. It's a pretty good tune, though.

NOFX, "Iron Man"

Yes, a cover of the old Sabbath warhorse. This appears on Maximum Rocknroll, a compilation thrown together by NoFX's previous label, collecting miscellaneous singles and demos together for a quick cash-in when the band started getting big. The band says the record was released without their consent, and it's really not a very good record, so I can see their objection. Anyway, uh, this isn't that interesting.

Cop Shoot Cop, "She's Like A Shot"

Cop Shoot Cop's debut album, Consumer Revolt, is an unusual beast. A lineup featuring two basses, two samplers, and a drummer is already pretty strange. The songs were noisy, industrial, and frequently unapproachable. But somehow, cutting through all that commotion, Tod Ashley's fine songwriting still manages to shine through, and you have some fine melodies that manage to survive in the oppressive atmosphere.

Screeching Weasel, "Planet of the Apes"

This is from How To Make Enemies And Irritate People, their last record before breaking up while Ben Weasel went and made different Ramones knockoffs with the Riverdales. This is a Screeching Weasel song, I'm not sure what else there is to say about it.

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