Five Songs, 9/30/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/30/2018


J Church, "Bomb"

Camels, Spilled Corona, and the Sound of Mariachi Bands is a great name for an album, in this case the first of multiple singles comps that J Church put together. As befits a band as prolific as they were, J Church was constantly putting out songs on 7"s, random comps, splits, and other places. They had the good grace to collect that stuff together periodically, and the comps are really basically on a par with their normal albums.

Buck-o-Nine, "Who Are They?"

Plexosaurus Rex seems to have a bit of a thing for Buck-o-Nine. By the time Libido had rolled around in 1999, most of the energy and charm of their early records had kind of worn off. It's not terrible, but there's also not a ton to recommend it either.

Phoenix, "Courtesy Laughs"

Phoenix is one of those bands that I always enjoy a lot when they're playing, and then totally forget they exist after they stop. I suppose that's probably something this whole project should be good at addressing, huh? I look forward to forgetting about this band by tomorrow.

John Boy, "Pivotal"

Another band that deserves reminders! I've talked a little bit about these guys before, so let's spent our time here admiring that mix. The drums are so far back, but still somehow a presence in the churn, especially with that flat whipcrack of a snare. It's a delicious combination.

Game Theory, "Last Day That We're Young"

Looks like I kind of went over Game Theory briefly last time. This song comes from what I think is their best album, and looks like the only one that actually found its way into my collection, Lolita Nation.

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