Five Songs, 10/1/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/1/2018

You know, I didn't think it could really get more third wave-y around here, but it seems like New Shuffle might be even more fond of the stuff. But, you know, here you go!

Death From Above 1979, "Never Swim Alone"

Pounding drums and bellowing through distortion is a time honored formula that almost always gets me going. Just big, pounding, and shameless. Delightful!

Less Than Jake, "Glumble"

Lots of Less Than Jake recently. This comes from Losers, Kings, And Things We Don't Understand, a compilation of the various non-album cuts that they produced before and around the time of their first proper album, Pezcore. In these early years, Less Than Jake was really more of a punk band than anything else, but they did a good job with it. As always, it's more down to the energy and hooks than anything else with pop punk.

Chemical People, "Cockfighter"

We've discussed this album Soundtracks before, but briefly, the hard rock band Chemical People decided to make an album of music intended to accompany porn movies. Appropriately for music intended as background music, it kind of fades away a little bit and doesn't really go anywhere. Would it be effective as a porn soundtrack? I don't know, I'm not sure it was ever tested. And I'm not going to be the one to test it out.

(NB: the song starts at 10:33 in the linked video.)

The Pilfers, "Choose Life"

The Pilfers, a third wave ska band with members of the Toasters and Bim Skala Bim, are...look, I'm sorry, I don't have anything to say here. There's just only so much you can say about all these bands.

The Beatnuts, "Mayonnaise"

I realized the other day when I was listening to a track off of Ill Communication that I'm a real sucker for flute loops in beats. This song doesn't really go much of anywhere, but with the flute, hell yes I'm there.

Joshua Buergel
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