Five Songs, 10/2/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/2/2018

Some bonus tunes today!

Morcheeba, "Blindfold"

We've had several trip-hop acts around here in the past, and here's one of the lesser known bands from that scene. Morcheeba, like all of the trip-hop bands that hung around for a while, pretty quickly expanded beyond just straight trip-hop. For example, beyond the drums and a little bit of scratching, this is more jazz than trip-hop. At any rate, this album (Big Calm) is very good.

The Crownhate Ruin, "Tornado Season Finale"

I went to go look up what I'd said about this band last time, and turns out this is a repeat. OK! Six songs!

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Patricia"

I wonder if maybe all the ska multiplied when I migrated my music around? Anyway, this comes from the first Bosstones album, when they had more hardcore in their sound than they would eventually have, although they always retained more of that punk DNA than some of the other bands in the scene.

Ministry, "Test"

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste was my favorite Ministry album back in the day, but this was probably my least favorite song on the album. The clumsy attempt at some kind of industrial/rap hybrid just wasn't really successful at all. It also really goes on far too long.

King Crimson, "Inner Garden II"

Some time, we'll get a properly long King Crimson track on here and I'll talk about what I think about progressive rock. But this is just a brief piece from THRAK, the album from 1995 made with a double-trio of two guitarsists, two bassists, and two drummers.

And, of course, the famously fussy King Crimson aren't on YouTube. I could try uploading it, but I'm betting it's futile. So...Seven Songs!

Black Tusk, "Still Not Well"

While a solid, headbanging track here with a nice groove, at the same time, this is also kind of by the numbers. Perfectly pleasant to listen to, if pleasant is the right term, but also kind of forgettable.

Labradford, "WR"

Mi Media Naranja is one of the great post-rock records of all time, a nuanced, careful, and thoughtful record that rewards repeat listens. As always with most of these post-rock albums, they make more sense when you just listen to the whole thing in one go.

Joshua Buergel
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