Five Songs, 9/5/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/5/2023

Black Flag, "Loose Nut"

We've had this song before, and I told the store about how I bought it at random after deciding I should probably hear some Black Flag. That was the sort of thing we did in those days, when the Usenet wasn't really searchable in any useful way, and you had to rely on either word-of-mouth, college radio, or magazines to learn about stuff. I would just take a flyer on records, because that was what you did. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes you ended up with a so-so Black Flag record.

Thelonious Monk, "Sixteen (first take)"

Love the "first take" thing on here, just throwing that out there. Yeah, we got this first try, not bad, eh?

Queen, "Put Out The Fire"

Sometimes, you like a single ("Under Pressure") and buy the record, and you end up with with the desultory, sleepwalking Hot Space. Look, not everything in this is good, you know?

Night Soil Man, "Paint Me Red"

Night Soil Man, the post-hardcore band from San Diego, had only one record and a handful of singles and comp appearances but are notable for contributing Drive Like Jehu's rhythm section, Mike Kennedy and Mark Trombino. As for the music itself, you can hear how this would help evolve into the raucous DLJ. It's worth digging into for serious DLJ fans, for sure. You know, if you can find it. (You can check the tags here!)

Ghostface Killah, "Done It Again"

Really all over the place today. Enjoy!

Joshua Buergel
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