Five Songs, 9/6/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/6/2023

Fennesz, "Endless Summer"

Fennesz's Endless Summeer is a lovely glitchy, ambient thing, full of processed guitar and languid, stretched out melodies. I'm not always a big ambient guy, I generally like my music to get places faster than this, but every now and again, I'm up for something like album.

Earl Sweatshirt, "EAST"

Among the many interesting things about Earl Sweatshirt's career is how willing he is to put out short records. It cuts against the general direction with rap albums, which have tended towards a bit of sprawl and a lack of editing. Some Rap Songs was a short record in running time, 25 minutes or so, and his followup is a 15 minute, seven track EP. It allows him to get his ideas out there in compact form, which makes them all stand out even better than they might otherwise. More artists should be willing to make shorter records. As always, this is a pro-EP space.

Spanish Love Songs, "Routine Pain"

"On any given day / I'm a six of ten" is a lyric that really sticks with me. Quite an opening for a record that manages to deliver on that promise. It's a shame I find it so hard to listen to, I really have to be in the right mood.

The Brothers Seven, "Evil Ways"

This comes courtesy of Quantic Presents...The World's Rarest Funk 45s, which is, uh, what it says on the tin. Does it rule? Fuck yeah, it does, listen to this and just try and sit still!

Death From Above 1979, "Freeze Me"

You know, I skipped the DFA1979 comeback album, The Physical World. I wonder why that is? I really liked the first record, way back. Anyway, this is the second of the comeback records, and it's fine? This track is not a great moment, though. Too poppy.

Joshua Buergel
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