Five Songs, 9/7/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/7/2017

In other music news, one of my very favorite blogs of all time is now a book. Go look at the outstanding Ruth & Martin's Album Club! Also, here's today's music.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge, "Blood on the Cobblestones"

Another track from the cinematic Twelve Reasons to Die, which is just a fantastic album. The various Wu-Tang projects were always at their best when drawing inspiration from movies and other visual media, and this album is no exception.

Mac Demarco, "Just To Put Me Down"

I started listening to Demarco when most everybody else did, with the release of Salad Days. There was a bit of a mini boom in what might be called "slacker rock" back in the day when Pavement was a big deal, and in a lot of ways, Demarco really reminds me of that whole scene. There's something about his lackadaisical delivery and loose songs that brings that to mind. Anyway, Salad Days is great, and his other albums haven't done as much for me.

Mudhoney, "Overblown"

This song comes from the excellent rarities/singles compilation March to Fuzz, which collects a whole giant pile of songs in one place. It's actually one of their best records, which is unusual, as these sorts of things are usually a mess.

In adding this song to the playlist, I discovered that it was apparently on the soundtrack for Singles. Who knew?

Willie Nelson, "I've Just Destroyed The World"

Another track from Crazy: The Demo Sessions, and just as before, I can't really tell you a whole lot about it or his career.

Black Happy, "Home (Live)"

Digging far into the obscurities this time! Hailing from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Black Happy were a funk band in the vein of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that played gigs constantly in the Pacific Northwest, but never made it any further. They released a couple of studio albums and then a collection of miscellaneous stuff called The Last Polka, which is where this song comes from. I still like Friendly Dog Salad a lot as a reminder of a particular time in my life, but this collection is really inessential, in contrast to the Mudhoney collection above.

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