Five Songs, 9/6/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/6/2017

Here's today's music.

The Four Tops, "If You Don't Want My Love"

We're visiting 1967 with this song from the legendary Four Tops, one of the breakout stars of Motown's roster, becoming staples of radio. I'm not a Four Tops expert or anything though, so we'll just enjoy this song.

Le Grand Miercoles, "Commin' Home Baby"

A Bandcamp find via a gaming friend, Le Grand Miercoles play some kind of weirdo combination of surf, ska, and, like Ennio Morricone. So, of course, I love it to death. I know nothing else about the band.

Dieselboy, "Render"

This is from The 6ixth Session album by drum 'n' bass artist Dieselboy, but the internet tells me that this was actually a compilation with songs produced by him. As always with electronic stuff, I'm not sufficiently immersed in this scene to really be a reliable guide. Anyway, my confusion aside, this is pretty typical song from that genre and era, although I never really clicked with this album.

J Church, "The Doctor"

I'm never sorry to hear J Church. This is from a mid career album, One Mississippi, notable for being their longest studio album, although their various singles collections are about as long.

Wilco, "Dreamer In My Dreams"

We finally have a track from them from an album other than the rarities thing! This is from Being There, their first great album, and occasionally my favorite of theirs.

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