Five Songs, 9/8/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/8/2022

Ghostface Killah, "Run"

On The Pretty Toney Album, Ghostface really broke out from the shadow of the Wu-Tang Clan. Not that he transcended it or anything, but this record is really off on its own thing, it doesn't really sound like a Wu-Tang record. Other than Ghostface's presence, of course. But I think that's a good thing, it's enabled him to have a great career, with no real barriers to where he wanted to go. Because of that, it's probably my second favorite Ghostface record.

Iron & Wine, "Upward Over the Mountain"

I'm very hit or mess on "guy with a guitar" records. They can be spare, lovely, meditative, and a nice break from my usual musical diet. Or they can be dull, twee, self-indulgent, and boring. It's not entirely clear what it is that works for me or not. I like Iron & Wine, for example. On the face of it, Sam Beam looks like every other one of these guys, beard and all, but it's warm and fuzzy and comfortable, not cloying. Who knows?

Firewater, "Dark Days Indeed"

Meanwhile, there's no mystery why I like Firewater. If there's an accordion around, I'm all the way in.

Rocket From The Crypt, "Bring Us Bullets"

From the final RFTC studio album, Live From Camp X-Ray, this song is showing off a fancier horn arrangement than previous records. While this record isn't their best work, it still rocks plenty hard. We celebrate the entire RFTC catalog here at Five Songs Incorporated.

Boulaone feat. The Budos Band, "Black Rap"

Flipping Budos Band songs into hip-hop songs really is a genius move.

Joshua Buergel
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