Five Songs Special, 12/25/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs Special, 12/25/2017

Merry Christmas! Five Songs got you a playlist. Today, I searched for "holiday" in my collection, and then randomized those songs. And thank you all for reading and listening this year! There's a few dozen of you checking in here, on and off, and I appreciate that there are even that many of you willing to put up with a self-indulgent project like this. Please stick around with The Worst Music Blog on the Web, we've got more planned for next year!

OK, it's more of the same. ON TO THE SONGS!

Sharon Jones, "Please Come Home For Christmas"

Oh yeah, that's the stuff. You know, I already think my plan here should have just been to put five cuts from the Sharon Jones Christmas album on here instead. I miss Sharon Jones.

Green Day, "Deadbeat Holiday"

As I mentioned last time, I think Warning is an outstanding piece of pop-punk, full to the brim with catchy songs. After Dookie and Kerplunk, it's the album I'd go for next.

Mad Caddies, "Falling Down"

Kind of a fun song here, honestly. I'm sort of a sucker for this kind of vamp.

They Might Be Giants, "Feast of Lights"

From their Christmas album, Holidayland, this song is a classic John Linnell twisted love song. A significant percentage of my favorite TMBG songs are Linnell love songs.

Mad Caddies, "Nobody Wins At The Laundromat"

Well, it wouldn't exactly be a Five Songs Christmas without a shaggy playlist, would it? By the way, these two songs are in the list because the EP they come from is called The Holiday Has Been Cancelled. I guess I should have picked "Christmas" as my search term, huh? Well, whatever, seems appropriate to end this on a piece of ska-punk, doesn't it? Merry Christmas, everybody!

Joshua Buergel
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