Five Songs, 1/23/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 1/23/2021

Monobody, "Raytracing"

Monobody is an instrumental math rock band from Chicago, with a couple of albums so far. This is from the second, Raytracing. Their music has more than a little bit of jazz fusion going on in things, and is definitely more towards the cerebral end of math rock.

Coalesce, ""

Hey, it's the other end of math rock! Always enjoyable when songs from the late nineties have web references in them.

Max Romeo & The Upsetters, "Norman"

Max Romeo here is singing in front of Lee "Scratch" Perry's house band, the Upsetters. This album, War Ina Babylon, is considered a landmark in reggae. What helps it stand out is not just the quality of the music, but Romeo's political lyrics as well.

SWANS, "What Is This?"

SWANS put out Leaving meaning. in 2019, after a thunderous series of triumphant albums from their post-reunion period. Unlike the previous albums, it doesn't have quite the same cacaphonous crescendos, with a quieter, more contemplative approach. Like most latter-day SWANS music, there's a hypnotic quality to things, and it's a good album, if not up to their recent standards.

Chance The Rapper, "Blessings"

Coloring Book is such a good name for this album. It's bright, shiny, and happy. Listen to the music here! This is a spiritual descendent of the happy parts of Songs In The Key Of Life.

Joshua Buergel
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