Five Songs, 10/30/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/30/2017

Here at Five Songs, we never stop working for you, the tiny handful of people who put up with this, day in and day out. So, today, we're going the extra 20% with six songs! Such generosity!

Johnny Too Bad And The Strikeouts, "Nineteen Fifty Two"

If you look at that band name and say to yourself "that sounds like a fourth-tier third-wave band", congratulations! You've probably consumed too much Five Songs!

Devin the Dude, "Write & Wrong"

Here at Five Songs Conglomerated, we goof on Devin the Dude for only rapping about women and weed. Now, that's really unfair. For example, we have this song which includes lyrics about other things! Like these lines: "We can make the beat slow, so you can speed up the flow / With some cool pimp shit about some weed or some hoes". See, this is about weed and HOES. Totally different.

Public Enemy, "How You Sell Soul (Time Is God Refrain)"

This popped up while I was quoting old Public Enemy lyrics in a different window. This is the closer from **How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???", an album which intermittently sounded like their old selves.

KC Bowman, "Taipans Adore You"

A repeat. You know what that means! SIX SONGS BABY!

American Music Club, "Another Morning"

Mark Eitzel's band, American Music Club mostly played pretty slow and bleak music, sort of in the same vein as Sun Kil Moon. I actually used to get Mark Eitzel confused in my head with Mark Kozelek sometimes, honestly. But Eitzel's music wasn't ever really as depressing as Kozelek, and American Music Club evolved away from the super slow stuff as their career evolved. Still, those peak slow albums (Everclear and Mercury) are my favorites of his.

Sturgill Simpson, "Oh Sarah"

Full-on country artist Simpson has, for whatever reason, attracted a fair bit of attention from the indie and underground rock press. Why he broke through into that audience as opposed to anybody else is beyond me, but it brought his work to my attention, and I appreciate that. His last couple albums have both been really great listens.

(NB: I pulled up a live version because the studio one seems conspicuously absent from YouTube.)

Joshua Buergel
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