Five Songs, 10/4/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 10/4/2018

Good news! No Japanese noise today!

Tribulation, "Cauda Pavonis"

Listen to this track, and think about the other stuff featured on Five Songs in the past. What do you think this band normally sounds like? Some kind of soundtrack-y kind of thing? Something closer to post-rock? Foetus tribute act?

If you look into your heart, you know the correct answer. Something like this? Yeah, it's metal.

Lambchop, "Jan. 24"

Lambchop chose to release two albums on the same day in 2004, Aw C'mon and No, You C'mon. It's not entirely clear why they chose to release them as separate records, instead of a double album. There's not really any distinction between the types of songs on the two albums, and it's not like one is all b-sides or anything. They just decided to release two records, a bit of an odd decision from a band that has always been a bit odd themselves. At any rate, the world is a better place for more Lambchop songs, so may they release fifty albums on the same day.

They Might Be Giants, "Underwater Woman"

In 2015, They Might Be Giants revived their Dial-a-Song service, releasing a new song through it every week for the whole year. As always with a thing like this, the songs were pretty hit or miss, and most of the best songs showed up on the albums they put out afterwards. This song, for instance, later showed up on Glean (but shuffle pulled up the Dial-a-Song version for me).

J-Zone, "Hog Slop"

From J-Zone's comeback album, Peter Pan Syndrome, where he not only returned on the mic but played live drums on all the tracks. He also returned to his pimp/extreme cheapass persona that the had on his previous albums, adolescent and often hilarious.

Cinerama, "Honey Rider"

This is a good example of a song that could easily have been released as a Wedding Present song. In terms of basically everything post-Watusi, really, it all kind of blurs together a little bit. I suppose the flute outro might be a bit much for the Wedding Present.

Joshua Buergel
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