Five Songs, 11/30/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 11/30/2020

Belle and Sebastian, "I Want The World To Stop"

I've written before about how I don't love Write About Love, so I won't rehash that here. It's fine, but it's just a little too slick and it just doesn't resonate with me. I think this song is probably a good example of what I think. All the moves are there for this to be an excellent song, some horns, some handclaps, sweet backing vocals - but it just doesn't quite land. Stuart just doesn't sound like he's really throwing himself into it, there's a little too much repetition in the lyrics, and it just doesn't seem too inspired.

I guess I did rehash it a little.

Autechre, "Cfern"

Autechre were constantly pushing boundaries in electronic music, pushing other bands to try and keep up. Their sixth album, Confield, continued that, with a record that sounded downright alien compared to what others were making at the time. This song is a good example - it's not at all clear where this is going, and the rhythm keeps mutating, some of the sounds are strange, and it's all a little disconcerting. Plenty of electronic music has surpassed this for strange, of course, but it retains much of its edge even nearly twenty years later.

R.B. Hudmon, "How Can I Be A Witness"

Does it get more Al Green than this? Other than Al himself? Listener, it does not. Nothing wrong with that, though. This was towards the very end of Stax's run.

Yautja, "Losses"

Does it get more abrupt than that transition? Listener, yes, yes it does. We've heard some gnarly stuff on this stupid blog! Why do I do this again?

Inez Foxx, "You Hurt Me For The Last Time"

Back to Stax! This is one of the more threatening soul song titles around.

Joshua Buergel
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