Five Songs, 12/1/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/1/2020


Hey, a quick note here before we get to the main act - we went all of November with a post every single day! NOT BAD

Nickel Creek, "Somebody More Like You"

One of my favorite Nickel Creek songs, with the acid lyrics really carrying things, and of course the lovely harmonies are as fun as always. One of the things that I really like about Nickel Creek is how percussive the playing is, so you don't even really notice that there's no drums.

Ruins, "Praha In Spring"

Ruins is an experimental duo out of Japan, with drummer/singer Tatsuya Yoshida leading things over the years, working with a couple different bassists. It's very proggy, often noisy, and very much in the avant-garde end of things. In a lot of ways, they sound like NoMeansNo's most experimental moments, just without a guitarist. It can be pretty interesting, although sometimes it's a bit much.

Dr. Dre, "Forgot About Dre"


Pop Will Eat Itself, "England's Finest"

Just a little throwaway included as a bonus track on The Looks Or The Lifestyle?.

They Might Be Giants, "Hate The Villanelle"

This is the Dial-a-Song rendition of this song, which later re-appeared in a more lush form on Glean. The Dial-a-Song versions of songs are usually pretty simple arrangements, clearly ones they can execute without the full band.

Joshua Buergel
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