Five Songs, 12/2/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/2/2020

Earth Wind & Fire, "Help Somebody"

There are several bands that I really only knew from later radio hits that were on when I was a kid. So, to me, they were just these bands that had some corny hits that I didn't think much about. Kool & the Gang are absolutely in that cateogry, and Earth Wind & Fire is another. This is both an unfair evaluation of the hits that they had on the radio, but also fails to account for the long careers of these bands. Take EWF's first album! It's a fantastic blend of funk, R&B, jazz, and rock, and is incredibly impressive for a debut.

9353, "Famous Last Words"

9353 are an enigmatic punk band from DC that hasn't really left behind much information. I only have this one record, Overdoses At Your Mother's House, and don't know a whole lot beyond that. So, enjoy this odd one!

Ice Cube, "Down For Whatever"

One of the highlights of Cube's very uneven Lethan Injection, he adopts a very laid-back flow here that he doesn't do often, but sounds fantastic. Backed up by a great g-funk beat, he's really at the top of his game.

Chain Reaction, "Prime Integers"

I ended up with this record from a grab bag, I think from a Humble Bundle. I believe I only bought one Humble Bundle of music, as the one I got didn't do much for me. Nor does this song.

Ulcerate, "Yield to Naught"

Yeah, that's more my speed!

Joshua Buergel
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