Five Songs, 12/12/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/12/2017

Yay for year end roundups! First one I'm looking at is The AV Club's roundup and their ballots. So far, I've already picked up two records, Infinite Wave by Vagabon and The Incessant by Meat Wave. Fun! Today's music!

Isaac Hayes, "Walk On By"

Oh my. With the untimely passing of Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes became probably the most important artist at Stax, writing and contributing to innumerable hits. He was also, of course, a tremendous performer in his own right, with songs like this being a great example. This appeared on the album Hot Buttered Soul, which is just tremendous.

Urochromes, "Night Bully (Boy Harsher "Punker" Remix)"

Another track from that mysterious punk band in my collection. Hooray for random music!

(NB: This version of the song is at 10:32 in the linked video.)

De La Soul, "Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)"

A repeat, so today is Six Songs.

PJ Harvey, "Sheela Na Gig"

Every now and again, you used to encounter caveman bozos who would claim that women just couldn't rock, you know? Mostly, this particular kind of idiot has been shamed into keeping their knuckledragging opinions to themselves, although I'm under no illusions that this terrible take has actually been stamped out. When this guy would pop up in the newsgroups I used to read back in the day, "Sheela Na Gig" was my favorite Exhibit A. This is such a good goddamn song.

DJ Krush, "Final Home"

You know, if you just wind this playlist back and listen to "Sheela Na Gig" again, nobody would blame you.

(NB: Shuffle pulled up the instrumental of this song, which is what I linked to.)

Lambchop, "What Else Could It Be"

When Kurt Wagner goes full falsetto, it always slays me. Anyway, it's probably fitting to have this song in the same playlist as Isaac Hayes, as these types of songs in Lambchop's catalog have always owed a real debt to Hayes.

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