Five Songs, 12/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/17/2021

Samiam, "Blank Expression"

Samiam, the melodic punk band from Berkley, came out of the gate more or less fully formed. While I think their mid-career albums would be stronger and more refined, their first album still was solid work. I think Samiam was a little too early to catch on to the emo revival that would happen later, and so they're kind of forgotten today.

Mustard Plug, "Away From Here"

I told my only real Mustard Plug story already, and I don't want to tell it again. It's sad! I think it's understandable that I stopped listening after that, but I gotta say, this is a good little tune. It's pretty Bosstones, but I like that sound. It's not their fault they were part of the soundtrack to one of the worst nights of my life.

Dammit, now I'm thinking about it again.

Chune, "Turd"

Hee hee...turd.

The Woolen Men, "Amateur"

From Portland, the Woolen Men play a kind of minimal-ish indie rock that really hits in the right mood. There's a certain amount of hypnotic appeal to this that I can quite enjoy. I've only got this one album, but it's fun.

Touché Amoré, "Just Exist"

Bookmarked by emo! Anyway, I don't know if bands are actually bigger than others, but I have the impression that Touché Amoré are more famous than Samiam was back in the day. But they're very similar! A little more hardcore for Touché Amoré, but that's kind of it.

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