Five Songs, 12/4/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/4/2020

The Maytals, "Daddy"

The first Maytals album, 1965's The Sensational Maytals, was later re-issued with a bunch of extras and alternate takes as Sensational Ska Explosion. The extra junk is unnecessary, but the album is a great view into the early career of one of ska and reggae's great acts. As this was very early in the development of the style, there is a fair bit of R&B on the album, such as this track.

The Notorious B.I.G., "Notorious Thugs"

I'm definitely a Ready To Die over Life After Death guy. The latter just needed some more editing, and has a little bit too much Puffy on it. Obviously, there's a bunch of great stuff on it, but there's also songs like this, which is fine, but kind of forgettable.

Souls of Mischief, "Intro"

Love a :23 song. Don't have to think of anything to say! Still counts!

Rebecca Gates, "The Seldom Scene"

Rebecca Gates was the driving force between the fantastic Spinanes, playing guitar, singing, and writing the songs in that duo. She's also released two solo albums, separated by more than a decade, with this track coming from 2001's Ruby Series. Getting away from a band (even a two-person band) caused her to actually open up the arrangements, with more of a lounge-y, jazzy feel to things. It's a very good album, and I wish she had released more music. But, it turns out she's also a talented visual artist, and decided to pursue that more while continuing to guest on records.

Prince, "1999"

Everybody party like this is the last entry for today!

Joshua Buergel
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