Five Songs, 12/5/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/5/2020

Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Hell of a Hat"

Let's Face It is the album that broke through for the Bosstones, but I think their previous record (Question the Answers) is easily their best. The songwriting is both sharper and rougher, which suits them well. Take this song, for instance. The "sharpest motherfucker" stuff leading into the chorus is great, they aren't afraid of some huge guitars during the chorus, they have a noisy breakdown to conclude things, and this song that could have just been a smirk is actually much more interesting than it initially seemed.

Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven, "Sidney's March"

Ska day at Five Songs! (every day is ska day here) I think I've introduced him, but Dave Hillyard is the longtime sax player for the Slackers as well as playing in a bunch of other NYC ska bands. This is from the band he leads, and they play it pretty much straight up. It's a good record to pick up if you've run out of Slackers releases and want more, as there are several fellow Slackers on it.

Elvis Costello, "Welcome To The Working Week"

What a great pop song! You all know this! Probably! If not, well, I'm glad you listened to it here first!

Songs should have more handclaps.

Quicksand, "Cosmonauts"

Post-hardcore band Quicksand released two excellent records in the 90s and then disappeared, which was a shame. Well, 22 years later, they actually put out a new album. And it's good! Imagine picking up where you left off like that, a couple decades later, and still having it. Very cool.

Violent Femmes, "American Music"

This is the opener to Why Do Birds Sing?, an album where they returned to more of the fun style of their first album, at least in parts. It doesn't have the same energy and naivete, of course, but it has its moments.

Joshua Buergel
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