Five Songs, 2/7/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/7/2019

Here's today's menu.

Leviathan, "-"

This is the intro to Scar Sighted, Leviathan's 2015 album, a fearsome black metal album. Leviathan is the solo band of Jef Whitehead, who is also notable for starting one of the premier metal labels around, Profound Lore. This track is really just a build up to the start of the of the record, so I guess we'll tackle it properly next time it comes up, along with maybe the controversy surrounding him.

Bobby Wilson, "Let Me Down Slow"

Well, that's not really what that should have been building up towards. Sometimes, the entire premise behind this whole project is dumb, y'all.

Wilco, "Hate It Here"

I should try and find some interviews with Jeff Tweedy to see if he was deliberately setting out to make a classic rock ablum with Sky Blue Sky. If we was, he succeeded admirably. If he did not, uh. Classic rock tribute or not, it's easily the Dad-est of all Wilco's records. I mean, that's a seriously Beatles-ass riff behind the chorus.

Dr. Octogon, "Real Raw"

Listen to how murky this is, and it works beautifully. All those effects on the scratching, all those fuzzed out synths, it's just so grimy and futuristic at the same time. And, of course, Kool Keith always sounds like he's got multiple screws loose.

Green Day, "Deadbeat Holiday"

I think I've sung the praises of Warning before, so I won't repeat myself. Instead I'll just marvel at the sleigh bells during the second verse, that's fantastic. And, of course, my eternal admiration for Billie Joe's consistently strange pronunciations.

Whoops, looks like a repeat.

Ghostface Killah, "Poisonous Darts"

I'm sitting here trying to thing of any type of music that couldn't be improved with some old, dusty kung-fu movie clips. And I'm not thinking of any. Certainly everything today could use some (or some more!).

Joshua Buergel
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