Five Songs, 4/9/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/9/2021

Monobody, "Country Doctor"

Monobody is one of those bands that has a real mismatch of names. For whatever reason, I don't think this should be a math-rock/post-rock kind of band. "Monobody" seems like it should really be a garage rock outfit, all galloping guitars, distortion, and sneers. No horns should be involved.

Quelle Chris, "Guns"

The title track to his 2019 release, this was one of the best hip-hop albums released that year. The sort of dream-like production really sets off against the serious subject matter of the lyrics. A great album.

The Contours, "The Day When She Needed Me"

Bring back vocal groups! This shit rules!

Wire, "I Am The Fly"

Chairs Missing, the second (and second essential) Wire album, saw them stir up the formula a little bit from the jagged Pink Flag. While I think I may slightly prefer the clarity of purpose of that first album, it's great that they didn't just make a copy of it for their second, unlike some punk bands out there. (Looking at you, Ramones!)

Lifesavas, "Soldierfied"

That's a hell of a way to start an album. This beat is ridiculous!

Joshua Buergel
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