Five Songs, 6/1/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/1/2018

Welcome to Five Songs, where we have six songs for you!

Kid Koala, "Cardboard Stars, Sea Shells (Page 100)"

A repeat! Since there's not much to say about it exactly, I'll instead mention that Kid Koala did the score for the video game Floor Kids, which I haven't tried yet, but will.

Dillinger Escape Plan, "Weekend Sex Change"

Listen to the space on those drums. They sound so live! Awesome.

Ihsahn, "After"

Leading force behind Norwegian black metal legends Emperor, whose In The Nightside Eclipse is one of the touchstones of the genre, Ihsahn has continued forward as a vital force in metal over the decades since. His solo work has tended more towards the progressive and symphonic end of things rather than the black metal grime of his earlier career, but he's shown a pretty wide range in general.

New Bomb Turks, "File Under: Defiled"

I've sung the praises of Gaunt here, they weren't the only great punk band working in Columbus, OH at the time. Their contemporaries, the New Bomb Turks, were playing what was basically garage rock super loud and super fast. When they were on, they were absolutely smoking, with their debut album Destroy-Oh-Boy! being one of the finest punk records anybody has ever made. Their later career has had its ups and downs, but mostly they've done good work. This comes from an EP, Berühren Meiner Affe, which came from the middle of their career.

Johnnie Taylor, "Try Me Tonight"

You can really hear how far Stax has pulled the sounds of funk into their soul with their later records. And dig those strings!

Thelonious Monk, "Skippy"

A magnificent composition from Monk here, who I believe is playing his part on...a...jazz instrument? Y'all, I'm really not qualified to talk about this.

(NB: as always with Monk, this isn't the exact recording I listened to. I could maybe find it, but I'm a jazz idiot, as we've established. A jazziot? I'm also a regular idiot, for the record.)

Joshua Buergel
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