Five Songs, 6/21/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/21/2022


WE'RE BACK, BABY! The historical record of this blog won't show anything, but for the record: on the 18th, I blew this damn thing up so thoroughly trying to update it that I had to re-install it from scratch, and then remember all the custom modifications I did to get a music player in here. It was a mess, but we're back. And we have a new logo! Kick off the tunes, Plexasaurus Rex!

Gojira, "Lizard Skin"


Conlon Nancarrow, "Study for Player Piano No. 3a"

There's only so much one can really say about any particular Conlon Nancarrow track. At least, if one is not a music theorist or music egghead or whatever you want to call a smart music person. How many ways can I say something sounds like an alien wrote it? Anyway, this isn't random or anything, it's just messed up.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Hell of a Hat"

I know that it's deeply unfashionable to still like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but Question the Answers is an undeniably fun record. It's the right amalgam of their punk tendencies and juicy horns, giving a great platform to lett Dickie Barrett's charisma shine through. It's not their breakthrough, but it's their best record.

Cinerama, "You Turn Me On"

This song appears on the first Cinerama record, Va Va Voom, but here comes from the John Peel Sessions record from 2001. David Gedge is in his best Watusi mode here, sounding intimate and confessional, and this is just a sweet tune. This is Cinerama at their best, really.

Krallice, "Autochthon"

FUCK YE...oh, I did that already today. Well, dammit. Now I have to say something intelligent. Dimensional Bleedthrough, the second Krallice album, is an endurance test. This song, at 9:31, is far from the longest on the record, with four songs handily crossing 10 minutes. Krallice is still very much operating in black metal mode at this point, although it shows plenty of the sophistication the band had from the beginning. This is endless winding guitar lines, always with purpose, but never in a rush to get you where they're going. It's meditative in a way, or it would be if it weren't such a racket.

Joshua Buergel
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