Five Songs, 7/2/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/2/2022

Gob, "Cleansing"

This song sounds weird in only one earbud.

Green Day, "Nice Guys Finish Last"

nimrod. is the Green Day album I listen to the least. It's not because of the songs that break out of the pop punk mold, but because the punk songs on it just sound kind of worn out. This song, for instance, sounds like a third-generation xerox of a thing from Dookie. Even on their final record, American Idiot, they brought more energy to the tunes.

Sly & the Family Stone, "M'Lady"

Sly & the Family Stone's peak isn't long, either three or four albums depending on how you feel about Fresh, but this album is unquestionably the start of it. An unabashed slice of party funk, it's relentless in its catchiness and good humor. That good humor wouldn't last, of course, but this is an irresistable record.

Stevie Wonder, "Uptight (Everything's Alright)"

When I'm listening to this, everything is indeed all right.

Radiohead, "Motion Picture Soundtrack"

OK, I like Kid A like every other pretentious rock dork, but we had a nice thing going here today. Read the room, Radiohead! This doesn't cook! Or smoke! Really bringing us down. Complete with a pause before a pointless hidden track and then another pause. Ugh.

Joshua Buergel
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