Five Songs, 8/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/15/2021

ALL, "Honey Peeps"

By the time they hit 1997's Mass Nerder, ALL was on their third singer across seven albums, but the band still basically sounded the same. This was finally the album where I realized that I was very much done with them. The previous record (Pummel) had some awful lyrics, and I really wasn't sure why I picked this one up. Kind of force of habit, really. At any rate, with the Descendents also having been resurrected by this point, ALL really served no purpose.

Torche, "Slide"

My god, that's huge. Torche's dedication to making the biggest, most bombastic songs possible that are still essentially pop is admirable, and there's nobody better at it.

Krallice, "Conflagration"

After going about as far with their black metal pattern in their first four albums, Krallice became pretty unmoored from metal traditions with the next album (Ygg Huur) and stayed that way on this album, Prelapsarian. I mean, yes, it's obviously still got a lot of elements of black metal in it, but it's sufficiently unpredictable that it's hard to really call it that. I call it great.

Front 242, "Headhunter v3.0"

Front 242's 1988 record, Front by Front, was really their breakthrough, demonstrating that their industrial dance could add enough of a human element to be captivating. And, I have to say: this still sounds pretty good. I wonder if we're going to see an industrial dance revival, or just see bits of it resurrected in various *wave sub-genres?

Deafheaven, "Honeycomb"

squints at blackboard showing "Torche + Krallice = Deafheaven" By gum, I think I've got it!

Joshua Buergel
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