Five Songs, 8/16/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/16/2021

The Streets, "Who Got The Funk?" it the Streets?

The Grifters, "Covered With Flies"

I periodically see "forgotten bands of the grunge era" and similar articles, because I'm old and I read old person things. Those articles invariably dig up one or two interesting bands (Love Battery, say), four different Pearl Jam predecessor bands, and then a couple bands that always sucked but the writer saw in a club early and thus has an irrational fixation on them. And you know who nobody ever mentions? That's right, the Grifters. Who ruled and are now forgotten.

No, dammit, I didn't see them in a club early!!!

Black Flag, "Annihilate This Week"

I was going to say that this was the last Black Flag studio record, but I looked it up to figure out if this or In My Head came out first (Discogs says this was indeed the last one)...but they released a reunion album in 2013 that I had scrubbed from my memory. I'm going to go back to forgetting about it.

Go Sailor, "Ray of Sunshine"

This is from Heide Sez, a 1996 label sampler from Lookout Records. It's fine? Pleasant enough. Boy, the roster of Lookout by this point was kinda rough.

La Dispute, "You Ascendant"

1993-era Josh would absolutely have listened to this track in a dark room, and I'd probably still know all the lyrics to this day.

Joshua Buergel
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