Five Songs, 8/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/17/2021

The Mr. T Experience, "Bridge to Taribithia"

Thoroughly enjoyable instrumental from Our Bodies Our Selves, one of the stronger mid-career MTX albums.

Claw Hammer, "Uncontrollable Urge"

This song is a serious jam, even when it's a very straightforward cover of the song. I've decided that I really like having Claw Hammer's album length cover of Devo's first album in the library just to increase my chances of hearing the tunes.

Buford O'Sullivan, "Watcha Hear About That?"

I've commented here a few times about the tendency of the various New York ska bands to just kind of remix themselves endlessly, and here's another example. Buford O'Sullivan plays trombone and sings with the Scofflaws, along with writing some of their songs. But he also made this solo record, with all his own tunes, featuring all the usual faces as players on it. The difference between this and a Scofflaws album is minimal, but ranked on that basis, it's a solid Scofflaws record.

Squarepusher, "Theme From Sprite"

After the sprawling, often messy Ultravisitor, Squarepusher took things back to a friendlier, more pleasant direction with Hello Everything. I mean, just listen to this, this is downright charming. The percussion doesn't sound like it was played by an octopus! There's, like, a melody! Despite being a much lighter record, there's still a lot of subtlety going on here, and the album is a real charmer. Not a bad place to start with Squarepusher, honestly.

Cretin, "It"

Cretin's 2014 album, Stranger, is a compact blend of grindcore and thrash. Like you'd imagine from that cross, it's not exactly easy listening, but the aggression here is wrapped up with some pretty good songs.

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