Five Songs, 8/19/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/19/2021

Chaos A.D., "Generation Shit"

Chaos A.D. is an Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher), releasing a miscellaneous pile of tracks from his early years. It doesn't show the same kind of sophistication of his later recordings, and honestly, it's an easy skip. This is probalby the worst track on the album, though, so don't totally judge on this song.

The Beatles, "Dear Prudence"

One of my simultaneously dumbest and proudest moments in Rock Band was five starring this song on the drums and vocals and the same time...except I whistled the entirety of the vocal track. Not bad!

Cursive, "Dorothy at Forty"

After the bleak Domestica and intermittently bleak The Ugly Organ, the next Cursive record is comparatively upbeat. It's even studden with horns and electronics here and there! It ends up being probably the most fun Cursive record as a result, and an excellent starting point for the band.

Marley Marl, "Lost Beat"

Marley Marl is one of the architects of hip-hop, shaping the music through his production work for many of the early stars of the scene. He wasn't really known for his own recordings, though. This comes from a later record, from the Beat Generation series, which tried to highlight some of the legendary producers with their own feature records. Unfortunately, this record is a little bit straightforward and doesn't ever really end up particularly captivating.

High on Fire, "Eyes and Teeth"

We're all here for the solos, and this delivers! Fuck yeah!

Joshua Buergel
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