Five Songs, 9/1/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/1/2017

125 entries in this series and counting. Is everybody still having fun? I am! Also: I have music for you!

Craw, "Drugs"

You know, I should really be backing more music on Kickstarter. The Craw reissue project is one of my very favorites among things I've backed on the site.

Elliot Smith, "Ballad of Big Nothing"

Indie rock genius Elliot Smith here with a song from his best album, Either/Or. Discussing his biography always makes me sad, given his tragic early departure at 34, possibly by suicide (it was never definitively ruled a suicide). And there I go, starting to discuss his biography. Well, Either/Or is one of the triumphs of the 90s, and is just a tremendous album front to back.

Cypress Hill, "Loco En El Coco"

Here, we have Cypress Hill revisiting their massive hit "Insane In The Brain" on a later album, but this time in Spanish. Well, this was a great song the first time around, anyway.

Knxwledge, "beleeveibne"

From Hud Dreams, a collection of beats rather than fully formed songs, but still worth your time.

Swingin' Utters, "A Promise To Distinction"

More than a little Pogues influence in this track, methinks. I think last time, I mentioned that it was clear that the Clash had inspired the Swingin' Utters to get started, but you know, might have been the Pogues also. Or both! I'm a dummy!

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