Five Songs, 9/6/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/6/2022

ALL, "Honey Peeps"

You know, I never really gave this album a real shot. The previous album seemed so sour and included some really bad lyrics, so after buying this one due to inertia, I never really engaged with it. This is a decent tune, though. I wonder what I'd think if I went back and gave it a whirl at this point. It doesn't make the lyrics go away, though.

Lightning Bolt, "Blow to the Head"

The opener to Sonic Citadel, it's incredible that Lightning Bolt can still crank everything to eleven and still have things sound so varied and fresh. Just an incredible band.

Tommy Guerrero, "When Clouds Ignite"


Floor, "Scimitar"

We're just going to alternate something redlined with something conventional, eh? Works for me!

Wilco, "I Love My Label"

This is a cover of a Nick Lowe song that is the final track on the final disc (of four) for Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014. It's a good example of how this record actually has some fun stuff buried among all the rarities. It's a lot, but it's a worthwhile investment for big fans.

Joshua Buergel
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