Five Songs, 3/28/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/28/2018


Bob Marley, "Fussing and Fighting"

I find myself listening to early Bob Marley more than his later, better produced stuff. Something about the raw nature of these recordings really appeals to me.

Buzzkill, "Me"

Are Buzzkill sending up Slint here? I think they might be sending up Slint. We haven't had Slint yet. I used to sit around in the dark in my dorm room in college and listen to Slint's Spiderland and just feel so goddamn sorry for myself. It's really good, y'all!

Touché Amoré, "Blue Angels"

The Blue Angels are brought out every year to buzz Seattle during Seafair. I got curious how much that display costs. The [Seattle P.I. estimates] $1.26 million. Dang.

MED, Blu & Madlib, "Peroxide"

We've encountered Madlib plenty on here, including under his own name, Quasimoto, and Yesterday's New Quintet. And there will be others. For this record, he got together with rappers MED and Blu and put together an excellent album. At this point, Madlib seems to only work with rappers he has real chemistry with, and it shows.

Boss Hog, "Pete Shore"

This is a mid-career song, from the first Boss Hog album that I really think is worth listening to, Cold Hands.

Joshua Buergel
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