Five Songs, 9/15/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/15/2017

Punk, punk, "punk", ex-punk, "punk".

Buzzkill, "Soft Insides"

More forgotten hardcore from Buzzkill. The instrumental section after the first verse is just delightful.

Sicko, "Ya Ya"

I don't think I've taken a run at ranking Sicko's albums, have I? (checks the previouslys) Nope, I haven't! Here we go:

...this is really hard. Fundamentally, all their albums are very good, but here goes:

  • You're Not The Boss Of Me
  • You Can Feel The Love In This Room
  • Chef Boy R U Dum
  • Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy
Green Day, "Church on Sunday"

This is from Warning, which seems to get pretty overlooked in their discography. Everybody knows about Dookie, and it seems like American Idiot gets talked about a lot, but I actually like Warning the best out of their post-Dookie albums.

Obits, "Machines"

We've encountered Rick Froberg before with Hot Snakes, and here he is with a different post-Drive Like Jehu band. Obits is more straightforward rock than those other bands, moving down a little bit in the chaos to deliver a bit of a calmer experience. I think all three of their albums are pretty solid.

Green Day, "Homecoming / The Death of St. Jimmy / East 12th St. / Nobody Likes You / Rock and Roll Girlfriend / We're Coming Home Again"

I guess I get to talk about them more. So, American Idiot is just full-on rock opera. If, up to this point, they had mostly been channelling The Buzzcocks, with this album, they mixed in a bunch of The Who. This is the most rock-opera-ish song on the album as well. Personally, I find the whole thing to be pretty charming, but I've been in the tank for Green Day for a long time. Of course, this is also the last good album from them, as far as I can tell.

Joshua Buergel
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